Welcome to Entrepreneurship!

Does one of these scenarios fit you? You found your passion – that thing that you love doing that you do better than most anyone else you know. Or you have seen your peers be successful at something you know you could do just as well, and you want your piece of the American Dream. Or your friends, family, and colleagues have told you over and over, “you need to do¬†(fill in the blank) for a living- you should start a business!”

And so you decide to make a go of it and start a business (or organization.)  Welcome to entrepreneurship!

The thing about being an entrepreneur is that we L-O-V-E what we do, and more often than not, that thing we do isn’t something that provides a framework for our business to grow. i.e. We love making widgets, but (usually) we aren’t as in love with marketing, human resources management (including leadership development and team building), staying on top of technology, social media, etc. But we need to excel at all those things in order to keep making more widgets. Without being on top of those disciplines, it is difficult to expand and grow our business in a healthy way.

If we make the best widgets in the world but haven’t marketed properly, we might not ever

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