TERMS OF SERVICE (TOS) for bizwebtrainer.com

TERMS OF SERVICE (TOS) for bizwebtrainer.com

  1. Definitions used herein:

  • Course– describes the specific course content. Courses are delivered either as workshops or webinars.
  • Workshop– a live classroom event where participants come and engage in the class.
  • Webinar– an online (web) seminar; the course delivered online (usually split into several webinars) and accessed by your computer. Delivered live at one specified time and recorded for access at anytime following. During the live webinar, participants can interact with the instructor and ask questions real-time.
  • Enrollee– the person signing up for the course. Enrollment occurs through the website, bizwebtrainer.com/signup
  • Participant– The Enrollee, having paid tuition, attending the workshop or webinar.
  • Tuition– the amount paid by the Enrollee to participate in a specific course.
  • Instructor or Business Web Trainer, LLC or Biz Web Trainer or BWT – these terms are used interchangeably to describe the entity delivering the course, i.e. Biz Web Trainer.


  1. Tuition Payments:

Tuition payments shall be made in full in when enrolling in the course. Tuition payments will not be accepted during or after the course. Tuition payments shall be made through either one of these methods:

  1. Through Paypal on the website www.bizwebtrainer.com/payments up to 24 hours before the course begins OR
  2. By sending a check or certified funds to be received no later than 72 hours before thecourse begins.

If paying by option 2, the check should be made out to Business Web Trainer, LLC and sent to same at PO Box 6143, Norfolk, VA 23508. Tuition must be received by the deadlines stated herein in order for the Enrollee to participate in the course.


  1. Refunds and Cancellations:

If the Enrollee cannot participate in the course and decides to cancel, a full or partial refund of the tuition payment may be issued to the Enrollee if the Enrollee notifies Biz Web Trainer in writing either via U.S. mail or by email to jocelyn@bizwebtrainer.com per the following schedule:

  • Full, 100% refund of tuition if notice to cancel is received by Biz Web Trainer no later than 5 (five) days before the course begins;
  • 50% refund of tuition if notice to cancel is received by Biz Web Trainer no later than 48 hours before the course begins;
  • No refund will be issued if notice to cancel is received less than 48 hours before the course begins;
  • Should the course be cancelled by Biz Web Trainer for any reason prior to the course, a full, 100% refund of the tuition payment will be issued to the Enrollee.

The instructor must invest in course materials and create exercises specific to the participants well before the course begins, so thank you for understanding this refund policy.


  1. Receipts:

Your payment confirmation shall serve as your receipt for tuition payment.


  1. Discounts and coupons:

Discounts for groups of four (4) or more people are available; please inquire with the instructor prior to enrolling. Coupons are available to certain groups and for certain introductory courses. Coupon codes will be sent to individuals to use while enrolling at http://bizwebtrainer.com/signup.


  1. Access to course materials:

Certain parts of this website are only available to participants of BWT workshops or webinars. This means that tuition must have been paid (see above) before access will be granted. As the courses proceed, more course materials will be made available through this website to the participants.


  1. Acceptance of TOS

Registering as a participant indicates that you accept the TOS above in their entirety.


TOS as of January 31, 2016