Small Businesses are Big Business

The ISO* published this article about Small Businesses which I found perfectly parallels what I’m accomplishing with Biz Web Trainer. The article avers the impact of small businesses on the economy and how standardization could help decrease the failure rate of start-ups. To quote from the article,

“For smaller firms, some of the benefits of using International Standards include:

  • The opening up of export markets as products become compatible on a global scale
  • Heightened operational efficiency
  • Increased confidence as customers from all over the world recognize ISO International Standards

Be that as it may, for many small businesses, making the decision to participate in a standards development process remains difficult, as managers are typically reluctant to allocate resources to a long-term process that promises, at best, intangible benefits. However, if the company is committed and participates actively in the process, the return on investment can be substantial.”

So how does this jibe with the mission of Biz Web Trainer? Small business owners typically do not have resources to invest in things that would be of long term benefit to them, whether those things are International Standards or Web Marketing Best Practices. On the other hand,

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