Do You Own a Micro Business?

There are small businesses. And then there are Micro Businesses. The definitions vary, but generally, Micro Businesses have less than 20 employees and less than $3 million in annual revenue. And I believe that just because you don’t have the resources (money and bodies) that your larger competitors have, doesn’t mean you can’t compete successfully in the digital marketing space.

Micro Business owners are the folks who do it all! I can always tell successful Micro Business owners from the rest – they are constantly selling, they walk around adorned with their business paraphernalia, they demonstrate (not just talk about) their passion about their values and beliefs, they always come up with better ways of doing things, they execute their ideas, and they take full responsibility for their choices.

But just in case you still aren’t sure if you qualify, to paraphrase the old Jeff Foxworthy line, “you might be a Micro Business owner if”  you point mostly to yourself (or maybe to just two or three other people total) if you are asked any of these questions:

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