Why Biz Web Trainer

As a small businesses owner or manager, you may relate to one or more of the following if you do your marketing and advertising in-house (DIY):

  • Your competitors seem to have more social media activity than you, better placement in Google than you, and overall better marketing results than you.
  • You cannot afford to hire someone to do your marketing for you.
  • You don’t have the time to find out how to maximize your marketing efforts, especially in the huge, complex, rapidly changing world of online marketing.

Biz Web Trainer is the very best way for you to boost your online marketing ROI.

Our webinars are informative, specific, and targeted for small businesses.

The methods, tools, and tips are current, yet based on proven marketing principles. Webinars are 35 – 45 minutes in length, and you may watch them at your own pace. Subject matter includes courses in Digital Media Marketing:

    • Social Media Marketing – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Website Essentials
    • Email Marketing
    • Measuring Online Marketing: Google Analytics and other tools

We also deliver workshops and webinars on Leadership, Team Building and Communication, Professional Salesmanship, and Customer Service.

To customize the content, we provide office hours each week.

You can ask how to apply the webinar lesson in your specific situation. You can also listen to other small business owners discuss how they approach obstacles they face.

To measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, we give you access to reports and other marketing tools used by big businesses. These tools include:

    1. Website Audits – find out why your website may not be showing up as highly as it could on Google searches
    2. Analytics – see specifically where you are getting the most “bang” for your marketing buck.
    3. Competitor Reports – uncover the strategies your competitors are using to outrank you in Google and surpass you in number of Facebook fans.
    4. Conversions – beyond tracking web traffic visits, discover what that traffic is doing while interacting with you virtually.

Signing up for access to these tools after the training is at your discretion.

All the webinars and office hours are recorded, and are available to you for 30 days following the end of the webinar.

Learn at your own pace, and on your own timeframe.


Testimonials and Reviews

This is my second workshop (delivered by Jocelyn Peña) and the energy and clarity with which complicated information is delivered makes it a wonderful experience.

Kari Grim Marketing Manager, The Academy of Music, Norfolk, VA

Jocelyn demystified SEO practices such that you could immediately implement and see results.

Karen Todd Marketing and Operations Manager, Changes City Spa, Norfolk, VA

Technical info was delivered to me easily in a way I can understand. I highly recommend these workshops to other business owners.

Leslie Sink OwnerHi-Ho SilverLocations throughout Coastal Virginia / Hampton Roads

Jocelyn gave a great, easy to understand workshop on search engine optimization (SEO). I left the workshop with a to-do list of what and how to help my specific website. Thank you Jocelyn.

Donna W. Harmond Owner, The Harmond Group, Virginia Beach, VA

The SEO workshop provided me with the tools and information I needed in order to successfully update my business page. After implementing these tools I am happy to announce that I am now located in the top portion of search engine results! I’m even above one of my primary competitors! If you are willing to put in

Kathy Knack Owner and Designer, Kathy Knack Interiors, Serving all of Coastal Virginia / Hampton Roads

Excellent information to help increase business to my web pages. Jocelyn made this information easy to understand!

Kitty Broerman Coastal Benefits of Virginia, Chesapeake, VA

Great workshop! I thought I knew a lot, but there was a ton of clarification on things I thought I understood. I can’t wait to implement these SEO practices with our business.

Misty Prewitt Director of Marketing, House of Maya Bridal, Locations throughout Coastal Virginia / Hampton Roads

The Advanced Facebook Techniques workshop was well-organized. Delivered information on some issues I was confused about.

Susan Platt

I am so excited to set up our Google Analytics now! The Slover Library is owned by citizens of Norfolk and now we will know more about their needs and interests.

Sarah Kingsley Community Engagement Coordinator, The Slover Library Foundation, Norfolk, VA

I attended the workshop SEO for the Small Business Owner upon being referred from another business owner. I learned things that I could implement myself or explain to someone else. As soon as the workshop ended, I signed up for the next one!

Marcus Williams Owner, Intellect Media, Chesapeake, VA

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About Jocelyn Peña

In today’s competitive world, it is tough for local micro businesses to compete against companies that have deep pockets and thousands of man-hours at their disposal.

Biz Web Trainer was founded to help local micro businesses and organizations do the following:

  • practice cost-effective web marketing tactics to generate new clients,
  • learn current best practices about digital media to retain and grow existing clients,
  • participate in customized leadership, team building, communication, and time management training usually reserved for large, Fortune 500 companies.

Trainer Jocelyn Peña is an engaging, dynamic facilitator who works to make sure you leave the training with concrete, specific action items to implement what you’ve learned.

Whether it is day-long training or short follow-up webinars, Jocelyn will provide you the tools to help your business or organization grow.